Accessories Wesak Paris

Find the whole range of accessories from the Wesak Paris.

For use on the face or body, the freshness and softness of the polished stone provides the skin and mind with a thousand and one benefits known for thousands of years in the Chinese tradition.

Wesak Paris massage accessories help: to reduce dark circles, improve the complexion, reduce the size of pores, help treat the effects of time, prevent the effects of water retention in the tissues, prevent redness and inflammation and relax the epidermis.

These benefits are reinforced by the lithotherapeutic virtues of the crystals, which make up each Wesak Paris accessory.

Lithotherapy can alleviate and fight against a large number of physical disorders, it is similar to a form of non-conventional medicine. Based on the fact that stones and minerals have therapeutic virtues, stones act on the body and respond according to defined properties.