Our philosophy


our philosophy

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In ancient Greece, philosopher Plato once said:
“The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul.
One must not take care of the body separated from the soul.”

His words of wisdom echo an ancient knowledge, which has been approved, for thousands years,
this deep connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind.
At Wesak Paris, we made the choice to make this mind-body connection , as our fundamental value.
This has led us to conduct extensive researches to develop our products, which combine in unprecedented synergies:
– Essences with powerful fragrances for the body,
– Stones with vibrational potential for the spirit.

“We must not take care of the body separated from the soul

In order to find peace for body and mind,

one must start caring the soul”

P L A T O 

Our stones have been rigorously selected for their high qualities and worked by passionate craftsmen. The associations with essential and vegetable oils have been conceived, with the expertise of the world- renowned perfume expert, Mina Gautier, in order to upgrade synergies.

Our products are available in two main ranges:
Elixir Lunaires : for privileged moments of beauty, to care of your well-being
Refill Elixir lunaire : To refill, reuse and recycle our Wesak paris Roll-ons.

Wesak Paris : a precious interlude to help body and soul find their unity.

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