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Our oils are guaranteed 100% organic and they are also certified ECOCERT.

In accordance with the values defended by Wesak Paris, there were no tests on animals and, in general, no controversial substances were used during the manufacturing process.

All the stones offered with the Wesak Paris product lines come from Brazil.

The stones inside the bottles have not been treated in any way.
The roll-on sphere made of semi-precious stones has been polished so that the application on the skin is soft and without clinging.

The Wesak Paris roll-on is entirely made in France. It is an original and unique product that has been registered. Wesak Paris is the only brand to offer them with its product lines.


Apply this elixir with the roll-on to the areas of your choice, from the hair to the neck and the various muscles solicited by daily life. Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes, mouth and private parts.

One could prefer an application on the reflex zones of the body (hollow of the wrists, base of the nape of the neck, temples, palms of the hands for a cranial massage of the scalp, base of the neck, hollow of the elbows, behind the knees, hollow of the chest, behind the ears, lower back).

Dust adheres by electrostatic charge and can therefore affect the specific properties of the crystals. It is therefore advisable to clean the Wesak Paris stones with a dry cloth, a small make-up brush or a simple brush to be effective.

There are many methods to purify and recharge the crystals present in Wesak Paris products. In lithotherapy, these processes can vary according to the sensitivity of each person. The classical methods invite to recharge the stones by moonlight or sunlight, by fumigation (of sental or sage) or by placing the crystal inside a geode.

The whole recharging process is very simple and is carefully described in the instructions supplied with the product.

Simply pierce the base of the roll-on on the notches provided for this purpose using the small needle head that is provided with the instructions. On this one you will find a diagram detailing the process.

The gems infused in the refill can be used in the Lunar Elixir bottle.

The product must be kept at room temperature. It is valid for 18 months after opening.


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