Wesak Universe

The combination of lithotherapy and precious plant essences for exceptional beauty


The vibratory energy of crystals, the richness and fragrance of high quality vegetable oils.

The unprecedented combination of lithotherapy (healing with minerals) and precious plant essences is the key to a beauty concept where respect for oneself, others and nature is a paramount.

But, a well-being that respects oneself and the environment. The raw materials are 100% ORGANIC and natural, without any controversial substance, without animal testing. The bottles are refillable, reusable, recyclable, and are lined with 50 ml refills. 

Far from the ethics in toc ambiente, Wesak Paris is committed to making its products, serious allies in your quest for well-being.

An ethical luxury company? It’s not magic, it’s the soul that acts… 


An organic vegetable oil 100% natural scented combined with the vibratory power of crystals.

“We must not take care of the body separately from the soul, and for the mind and body to find peace, we must begin by taking care of the soul,” said a Greek philosopher. Inspired by the knowledge on the subject, the Wesak Paris team has conducted extensive research and testing to develop unique products that bring the two worlds together. Thus were born the precious and unique Wesak Paris lunar elixirs and aromatherapy roll-ons.

Wesak is a spiritual celebration linked to the Full Moon, which occurs every year in Taurus in May and April. It is the union of benevolent and luminous energies that come down to heal the Earth. The Moon, this star so far and so near. Its influence is no longer to be demonstrated. Hasn’t it been acting on the tides and the backwash of human souls for thousands of years? It awakens our self-awareness and the amplified power of our emotions.

By creating a range of original products, combining the beneficial effects of stones and plant essences, Wesak Paris answers the aspirations of many people in search of well-being.

Energetic care for the body composed of precious cold-pressed and 100% natural plant oils. Taking care of the soul and the body is finally possible thanks to the Lunar Elixir range from Wesak Paris.

Each elixir contains a precious stone infused in exceptional vegetable oils and high-end essential oils. The application on the skin is done via a polished stone, for a unique sensation of softness and freshness. Like an energetic massage lavished with kindness. Perfect to use for reflexology practice. Our elixirs deliver powerful results thanks to their potent mix of active ingredients (such as organic apricot kernel oil, argan and macadamia oil and 100% pure, natural and organic essential oils), these scented body care oils are very effective and moisturizing for your skin. Indeed, these active antioxidants, rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, are developed to nourish and smooth your skin.