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We count within the Wesak Paris team, Mina Gautier, creator-perfumer who elaborated the exceptional scents of Wesak Paris’ Lunar Elixirs.

It is with great pride that we announce that Wesak Paris has received the H.Pierantoni Innovation Award 2021.

Wesak is a spiritual celebration related to the Full Moon, which occurs every year in Taurus in May and April. It is the union of benevolent and luminous energies that come down to heal the Earth. The Moon, this star so far and so near. Its influence is no longer to be demonstrated. Hasn’t it been acting on the tides and the backwash of human souls for thousands of years? It awakens our self-awareness and the amplified power of our emotions.

The alliance of lithotherapy and precious plant essences in the service of exceptional beauty

The vibratory energy of crystals, the richness and fragrance of 100% natural organic plant oils.

The unique combination of lithotherapy (care through minerals) and precious plant essences is the key to a beauty concept where respect for oneself, for others and for nature is paramount.

We have chosen to offer you a well-being that respects yourself and the environment.

The raw materials are 100% natural, without any controversial substances. The bottles are refillable, reusable, recyclable, and are doubled with 50 ml refills for the Lunar Elixirs.

For the profound quest for wellness Wesak Paris recognizes the importance of a peaceful alliance with nature and the earth’s resources.

Wesak Paris, an ethical luxury company? It’s not magic, it’s the soul that acts…