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rose quartz

Considered since ever as the stone of love and peace, Rose Quartz is directly linked to the emotions of the heart.
Lending it the power to beautify the face and slow down the effects of aging, the Pharaohs used it to make beauty masks.

It is also found in the cult of Isis, goddess of divine youth.
Self-love, confidence, warmth, affection and well-being are the attributes of this beneficial stone. It amplifies the acceptance of oneself and others, as well as tolerance.
Like the Green Aventurine, the Rose Quartz is connected to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra located in the center of the chest on the sternum.
Associated with its oil infused with the fragrances of Rose Damascena, the Rose Quartz of the Roll- on Wesak Paris is applied to the hair and skin, to comfort and nourish the feeling of unconditional love.


Powerful stone to be handled with care and respect, the Obsidian is a stone of truth. Soothing and pure, it allows you to see the good in all things.
Stone of anchoring and protection, it helps to make the vacuum to see clearly around and inside of oneself. It helps to keep confidence in case of fear of the unknown. It invites you to fulfillment

It is the stone connected to the 1st chakra, the root chakra located under the perineum at the base of the spine.
Associated with its oil infused with a neutral scent, the Obsidienne neige of the Roll-on Wesak Paris reinforces intuition and clairvoyance in complicated situations.

cristal obsidienne


Its purple hue inspires appeasement. It is the color of magic and mystery, moderation and purification.
Symbol of wisdom and humility, it is a stone of calm that invites to refocus by balancing the ups and downs.

It is suitable for states of stress, nervousness, eagerness, which it helps to alleviate.
It helps to develop intuition and to transmute negative energies into positive energies.
It promotes creative inspiration.
It is the stone linked to the 7th chakra, the crown chakra located at the top of the head.
Associated with its delicately infused oil, delicately perfumed with vanilla scents, the amethyst of the Roll-on Wesak Paris is the ideal beauty care to nourish the skin and hair, while soothing excessive thoughts.


Its blue color invites to manage better emotions, and to soften the too rigid mind.
It helps to regain optimism and joy of life, by alleviating tension and feelings of guilt. Confidence, stability, support, it promotes mental enlightenment and inner vision for a better knowledge of oneself and the world.
It reminds us of the virtues of patience and trust in our intuition, and helps to push away anger and frustration.
It is the stone connected to the 6th chakra, the chakra of the third eye located at the level of the pineal plexus between the two eyebrows.
Associated with its oil infused with woody scents, the Sodalite of the Roll-on Wesak Paris provides peace and clarity of mind.

cristal sodalite

green aventurine

Color of balance, regeneration and harmonization, the green of Aventurine invites to motivation, perseverance and audacity to move forward.
Stone of comfort and support, it soothes anxieties and promotes empathy and compassion. It brings inner reflection, joy and openness to the world.

It is suitable for states of uncertainty, questioning, doubts, which it helps to clarify.
It is one of the stones linked to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra located in the center of the chest on the sternum.
Associated with its subtly infused oil inspired by floral notes, the Green Aventurine of the Roll-on Wesak Paris can be applied to the skin as well as the hair, to reveal the beauty of the talents.

clear quartz

Beneficial stone, the clear quartz spreads a pure and powerful energy.
It is known to be protective against harmful influences, and helps to fight negative energies and discomfort. It brings clarity in mind and heart, and amplifies the inner strength.
It helps to strengthen memory, imagination, intuition.
In this, it is connected to the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra located at the top of the skull. This energy center makes the connection with the divine in oneself.
Stone of Light, it helps to rebalance the chakras.
It enlightens the shadowy areas, and helps for the spiritual elevation. It allows an energetic opening of the mind, and accentuates the sensitivity to subtle perceptions of intuition.
The clear crystal is a stone that amplifies energies, like a powerful sounding board for emotions.

cristal de roche