Who are we?

cristaux pierres améthyste

who are we ?


Combining the vibratory properties of stones with the beneficial effects of plant essences : the members of Wesak Paris have made this a passion.

After years of expertise acquired in the field of luxury beauty care and SPAS, the team has acquired the services of an exceptional perfumer with a degree in biology. Rigorous and demanding, she has elaborated for the brand, highly inspired and precious skin care oils. From then on, the meeting with our partner from Brazil, specialized in lithotherapy, was an obvious choice.

The energetic properties of the stones, reinforced by plant essences, finally found a way to express their tremendous potential.

“One should not take care of the body separated from the soul,

one must first take care of the soul”

Used for thousands of years in all civilizations, the mineral and vegetal virtues intend to facilitate the harmonization of psychic emotions and their echo in the physical body.

“One should not take care of the body separated from the soul, and for the mind and body to regain peace, one must first take care of the soul,” said a Greek philosopher.

Inspired by knowledge on the subject, the Wesak Paris team has conducted extensive research and tests to develop unique products that bring the two worlds together.

Thus were born, the precious and unique elixirs lunaires and roll-on Wesak Paris. Conceived in an original and rigorous way in artisanal workshops, they include gemstones infused in exceptional vegetable oil perfumed with top-of-the-range essential oil.

The application on the skin is done via a polished stone, for a unique sensation of softness and freshness. Like an energetic massage lavished with benevolence.

mains avec elixir lunaire obsidienne wesak paris parfum neutre

why wesak ?

pleine lune en cristal roll-on

Wesak is a spiritual celebration linked to the full moon, which takes place every year in the sign of Taurus during the month of April or May. It is the union of benevolent and luminous energies descended to heal the Earth.

The Moon, that star so far away and so close. Its influence is no longer to be demonstrated. Doesn’t it act on the tides, and the backwash of human souls, for thousands of years ? Awakening our self-consciousness and the amplified power of our emotions. Its roundness and radiance increase the vibratory rate of the minerals exposed to its light.

By giving a similar shape to the stones of its Roll-on, and by associating them with precious essences to make elixirs inspired by the lunar star, Wesak Paris offers exceptional holistic treatment