aventurine elixir lunaire

aventurine elixir lunaire

floral fragrance

elixir lunaire roll-on aventurine wesak paris parfum floral
Lunar Elixir aventurine wesak paris 50ml woody fragrance with roll-on aventurine stone and infused aventurine gemstone
white flower pistil
cristal aventurine
macro cells vegetable oil lunar elixir wesak paris
roll-on lunar elixir green aventurine wesak paris

aventurine elixir lunaire


floral fragrance




An innovative product of lithocosmetic with vibratory energy. An infusion of Aventurine stone in a 100% natural and vegetable beauty oil, enriched with anti-oxidant and vitamin E active ingredients, enhanced with a roll on of semi-precious Aventurine stone, which will bring you a massage with an unequalled feeling of well being.

Tous les Roll-on Wesak sont rechargeables, réutilisables et recyclables







An infused Green Aventurine gemstone and a blend of 100% natural fragrant vegetable oils have been brought together in a unique concept, with unprecedented vibratory, moisturizing and energizing properties.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Description of the product

Body care

An infused Green Aventurine gemstone and a blend of precious vegetable and essential oils have been combined in a unique concept with unique vibrating, moisturizing and energizing properties. 

The original design of the Roll-on Wesak allows an easy and precise use. 

The action of the stones and the perfumed fragrances has been recognized and used since millenniums, in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. This is why reference is made here to the “chakras” (term meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit), which participate in making the vital energy circulate in the body. 

Associated with its subtly infused oil inspired by floral notes, the Green Aventurine of the Roll-on Wesak Paris can be applied to the skin as well as the hair, to reveal the beauty of the talents. 

The blend of apricot, macadamia and argan oils, enriched with anti-oxidant, polyphenol and vitamin E active ingredients, is adorned here with the natural scents of neroli, rosewood, tuberose and white flowers. 

To turn the senses on, nourish and sublimate the skin, and help regenerate cells. 



The size and color of the stones may vary from one model to another.
Mother Nature, in her great and ingenious generosity, rarely reproduces her treasures identically. 

Our materials are cut and polished with care in artisanal workshops, where the love of work well done is paramount. 

It is possible, however, that the shape and color of the crystals may differ from one piece to another. However, this in no way calls into question their properties. 

Benefits of the Aventurine

Color of balance, regeneration and harmonization, the green of Aventurine invites to motivation, perseverance and audacity to move forward.  Stone of comfort and support, it soothes anxieties and promotes empathy and compassion. It brings inner reflection, joy and openness to the world. It is suitable for states of uncertainty, questioning, doubts, which it helps to clarify. 

It is one of the stones linked to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra located in the center of the chest on the sternum.

A word from the perfumer

“The perfect synergy between the gemstone aventurine and the floral fragrance brings purity and peace.  Emboldened by the orange blossoms and the with flowers   this combination favors la meditation and brings positive energy.”



Application to the reflex zones of the body (wrist hollows, base of the neck, temples, palms of the hands for a cranial massage of the scalp, base of the neck, hollows of the elbows, behind the knees, hollow of the chest, behind the ears, lower back). 

Applied to the body and hair, this extraordinary combination will bring physical (nourishing oil) and psychic (influences the emotional state) well-being.

List of ingredients

Elixir body & hair 100% natural organic oils